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A guide on lawn mowers

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A guide on lawn mowers and garden tractors and how to choose the right type for your garden With so many lawn mowers available on the market, this guide would like to give you tips on how to choose the right one for your personal needs. Whether it is one of the endless ranges of

Protecting your Turf

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Protecting your Turf: How to Keep Your Neighbor's Weed Problem from Becoming Yours You do everything in your power to care for your lawn and prevent weeds from infesting your grass - but what you do isn't always enough. Even if you are a good neighbor and take care of your home and your garden,

Lawn Sprinkler Design

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There are many different varieties of sprinklers from companies like Rain Bird and Hunter. No matter whether you are a professional landscaper or a first time home owner there are various lawn sprinklers to keep your lawn and garden looking its best year round. Various types and designs of lawn sprinklers are: Rotary Sprinklers These sprinklers

Landscaping Plants- How to Choose?

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There are many factors that you need to consider when choosing the correct Landscaping Plants. Of the facts that you need to consider when choosing your plants for landscaping is the climate in your area. The next thing to take into consideration is the type of plants you like. Make sure you know how much

Landscaping Equipment- What is what

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Landscaping Equipment is a very generalized term. It can mean any number of different things. Landscaping Equipment can be very tiny, like a hand trowl or can be a gigantic piece of equipment or machinery. Likewise, Landscaping Equipment can make an easy landscaping job easier and a difficult landscaping job easier as well. Landscaping Equipment

Hot Tub Landscaping- Add to the beauty of your relaxation

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Among the items you can place in your backyard, one of the most luxurious is a hot tub. Even with the addition of a hot tub to your backyard, there is still the need for landscaping or you will be lessening the effectiveness of your costly purchase of the hot tub. A properly landscaped hot