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Rose Gardens With Healthy Roses

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Preparing soil in rose gardens is the first step in producing healthy roses all summer. It’s not difficult, but each element is important. A rich loam base is the best foundation, and on top of this you should add both a thick layer of organic material and about three pounds of super-phosphate for each 100

Ornamental Grasses Garden Nursery Landscaping Guide

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Ornamental Grasses Grown In Containers Ornamental grasses are usually only associated with ground gardens. However, they can be the perfect complimentary addition for a container garden. Grasses come in many heights, colors, textures and have varying water requirements, and this makes them perfect for a container garden. Terraces, balconies, and entry ways can be enhanced

Ornamental Grasses Are Low Maintenance

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Ornamental grasses are wonderful plants for enhancing any garden even if it is in a container. These grasses are very adaptable and can grow in poorer soils better than many other garden plants. This fact alone makes ornamental grasses perfect for containers because sometimes the soil is not as healthy as what one might have

Maintaining Garden Plants During Cold Winters

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Winter may seem an unlikely time for trees, shrubs and garden plants to bloom, but you can still see a few if you do your research and plant right. For instance, a gardening expert may recommend trees like the Acer palmatum dissectum, which blooms red, yellow and orange in Pennsylvania’s late Novembers, or red, yellow

Liming Your Grass

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When you start to look at your lawn care this spring, try thinking about the soil a little more than just the grass blades. In addition to that, think organically. There are several types of treatments that you can add to your grass to make it green and thick that do not involve chemicals. Lime

History And Mythology Of Rose Plants

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You might call roses the older siblings of humanity. Rose plant, in fact, seem to have existed even longer than humans, judging from the fossil evidence. These flowers caught the imagination and the hearts of human beings almost from the beginning of human history, and the two have journeyed happily and meaningfully together throughout the

Healthy Plants In Your Rose Garden

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As you set up your rose garden, you will have many magnificent examples to follow. There are books and websites full of photographs of beautiful gardens, whether they are the more formal, rigidly designed gardens of noble families in England, or more casual settings created in someone’s back yard. Even in a smaller setting, you

Gardening Vegetable Plants Garden Nursery Landscaping Guide

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Gardening Vegetable Plants In A Container Gardening vegetable plants in a container can be a wonderful hobby to be involved in. With a little patience, a person can produce bountiful harvests from a few plants. Everything from cucumbers, eggplants, and tomatoes can be grown in containers. Gardening vegetable plants is a little different from producing

Container Gardens Nursery Landscaping Guide

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Horticultural Therapy And Container Gardens Container gardens have been used for ambiance for many years, but what one may not realize is that container gardens are one aspect of horticultural therapy. For centuries the therapeutic effects of a garden have been used to help individuals that are sick whether mentally or physically. In the 19th