A Guide to Installing Roof Shingles

A certified roofing expert is needed when installing roof shingles, as this is a specialized job that needs specific training. A professional installation will ensure that the job is done properly and that the shingles last for many years. Because there are different types of materials that shingles can be made of, expertise in working with different sorts of materials is necessary. Slate roofing shingles need the most care and precision to install, as they are the least common and most expensive type of shingle material.

Pros and Cons

Metal shingles are one of the easiest materials to install, although they are not as common a material as in previous years. Metal roofing is cheap, and because it is light, it puts less strain on the frame of the building. Metal shingles are made to fit perfectly together, making them easier to install than other materials which may have odd shapes. The lightness of the material also makes it easier to work with, and there is no need for heavy equipment like cranes in order to life them on to the roof.

Composition shingles, which are made of asphalt and laid in rows, are the most common type of shingle used on houses today. Organic shingles are also available, although they are quite thin and are not as resilient as fibreglass shingles. Shingles are also available which can be used to complement the design of a home. These architectural shingles, such as dimensional shingles, are the thickest composition shingles and can be customized. In order to achieve a unique custom appearance, professional installation is required. You will also need to install vents if you are using composition shingles, in order to allow sufficient air flow through the attic area. Again, this will require specialized knowledge.

The complex installations are of tile and slate roofing materials. They are not as common as other roofing types, so work crews will have less experience in working with them. It is recommended that you contact roof replacement companies frederick md via a professional roofing organisation, which will ensure you find someone who has experience and training with the type of material you are using.

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