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African Violets Garden Nursery Landscaping Guide

African Violets Garden Nursery Landscaping Guide

African Violets Are Easy To Maintain And Grow Indoors

African violets are a popular flower as they are easy to maintain and can be grown indoors, but make sure you give the plants enough light and warmth.

A lot of people use a grow light to ensure the plant receives enough light and warmth to grow from a seed to a plant with beautiful flowers.

African violets are sometimes given to the elderly to keep them occupied as the plants are low maintenance and do not put much of a strain on their garden duties.

As people age it is important that they are able to continue doing things that they enjoy. This is often difficult if they are restricted in their mobility, or if their abilities change due to illnesses.

The elderly often have struggles with depression because of the number of losses they suffer. Having some type of hobby that they enjoy can help them deal with the depression.

My mother had to leave her home and move to an apartment when she could no longer drive. She was living by herself in a five bedroom farm house and she could not keep it up any more.

Indoor Garden

My mother has always enjoyed gardening. In the late winter she would plant seeds in small moss containers to start her tomato, pepper and squash plants. She did this in the basement and placed them in a windowsill so they would have sunlight and warmth to germinate.

This year for Christmas my sister-in-law gave my mom a kit for growing African violets.

The kit included a grow light, several trays to start slips in and two African violets of different colors. This was the perfect gift. Mom cleared space in the corner of her bedroom to put the light as well as the plants.

The room has a large window, but the natural light would not affect the growing light. Mom was pleased to have a hobby that was familiar, yet new.

Mom mentioned the African violets to one of the other residents. The resident told her that she was nursing a violet that had gotten too dry when she was away on vacation.

Nursing an African Violet back to perfect health

Mom told her to bring the plant over and they would put it under the light. That was the beginning of a new friendship that has grown to be very strong. The two of them now have African violets in many different colors and varieties.

African violets make a nice welcoming gift

They supply each person that moves in one of the African violets as a house warming gift. This hobby has not only cemented a friendship, but it has given my mother a new purpose in her life.

Now mum has given me some of her seeds and I have decided to grow my own African violets in a number of pots just inside the shed, underneath the window so that they can get just enough light as mum has advised.

I have bought my own grow light and I use it to give the plants some warmth, especially when it is cold and raining outside.

People can’t believe how such beautiful flowers are so easy to maintain.


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