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Building Extensions

loftA building extension can be a disrupting, extensive project. With the right contractor though, there will be minimal disruption, guaranteed start dates and a realistic time until completion.

Finding the right company to work with though can be confusing and difficult. Which companies provide competent professionals? Which ones are qualified to complete the job that you want? How do you know you are getting the best price? These are all questions that we can help with.


Why Consider a Building Extension for Homeowners?

Home prices are spiralling and more homeowners are choosing instead to remain in their homes and do a building extension. This provides extra space without a need to sell and adds value to the property. However, there are many factors to consider first from the initial design, to which supplies to use, to which contractor to use. All of this should be explored before beginning the project.

Why Consider a Building Extension for Businesses?

Businesses also can consider a building extension. In today’s economic market, it makes more sense to maintain an established location even when the business is expanding or there is an increased demand for services. Our professionals can assess the existing structure and factor in exactly what needs to be done to make the project a success. They can blend the project seamlessly to the existing structure as well.

Why Hire a Contractor?

Hiring a London loft conversion contractor who is familiar with building extensions can ease the process. They understand which permits and building regulations are necessary. They can also submit building notices, determine if the land is suitable for building on and make sure that the architectural plans are adequately drawn. Our top building professionals know exactly how to assist you in making your add-on dreams become a reality.

The Price of Building Extensions

Price is nearly always a factor for builders in London. But how do you know you are getting the best price available? With our simple quote process, you get five top companies competing for your business by offering the very best prices available. They will break down the quotation so that you know exactly what you are getting for the cost. In addition, this service is free and there is no obligation to accept. You will get professional, accurate quotes with no hidden charges.

Why Use Us?

With our service, not only are you going to get five of the top leading UK building extension companies competing for your business, you will also get professional home extension builders who will guide you through the entire process. From design, to construction to completion, we understand the planning process and the requirements that are necessary to complete the project.

Get ready to have years of enjoyment from your new extension. Fill out the brief quotation form right here on our website now to speak to a handful of professionals with your best interests in mind.


Pergola Construction

What do you know about pergola construction? It’s important to do your homework before starting to build your own pergola and taking responsibility as owner builder NSW to make sure it meets your needs and will be durable. It’s better to build it right the first time than to have to alter or relocate your pergola.

OK, you have a great outdoor area or your are considering your design of an outdoor area but, do you have adequate shade? After building hundreds of Pergolas in Florida, we at Outdoor Living are considered experts in design and construction of pergolas and would like to share some valuable insight into what you should know when considering building a pergola in Florida.

Three important factors to consider regarding Pergolas are:

1). Placement – try not to design anything that will impede with your view of any windows – the typical lowest height is 8′-6″ and many bay windows are much higher. Also, remember that you need to place columns in the ground or attach to you home. The columns should not be in any current or future walk ways.

2). Materials – Most building contractors oxford use pressure treated pine wood for the structure since it has to withstand the elements. You can use Cedar, but it can add 20% to 30% more to your cost. Columns can be made of wood, concrete and high density polymer. Always remember that it can be finished with accent tiles or other custom treatments to make it look and fell like your “own”

3). No Rain Protection – Timber pergolas Perth offer a beautiful addition to your home but do not protect you from the rain. Awnings or other materials can be added to afford some protection but it is not the same as having a roof.

Pergolas can be are a great way to add more usable space to your existing home. Always remember, use a licensed builders for any construction to ensure that you get what you pay for…