Enjoy Your Patio with Patio Heaters

The most common types of fuel used in patio heaters are wood, electric, propane and natural gas, but other types of fuel, such as charcoal and even solar-heated water are available.

Consider safety when purchasing a heater for your patio. If you want a patio heater placed near your hot tub, electric heaters can be dangerous if water is splashed on them and someone touches the wet heater. Small children can be burned if the heat source is exposed or if the outside of the patio heater becomes hot. A patio heater can cause a fire if tipped over and fuel drops onto a wooden patio or onto flammable patio cushions. Be sure to read the cautions included with each patio heater you consider before purchasing. Only use the type of fuel recommended and follow the operating and maintenance instructions included with the heater.

One very popular and attractive type of patio heater is the chiminea. This type of outdoor heat source is frequently shaped in an oriental style, often that of a pagoda. You’ll also frequently find them in round or square shapes. Made of clay or cast iron, these sturdy patio heaters are commonly available with cooking grills so they can perform double duty by replacing the charcoal grill. Chimineas can use charcoal or wood, but when cooking, charcoal is mainly used. Heat radiates from the chiminea in all directions while smoke escapes from the top chimney. The outside of the chiminea can become quite hot, so caution must be used to prevent burns. Placing the chiminea beside your patio table or next to a comfortable patio chair allows easy access to the cooking grill. These patio heaters can be left outdoors when not in use.

Electric patio heaters are portable heaters which can be positioned exactly where you need the heat and can be easily moved indoors when not in use. Many of these heaters can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Patio umbrella heaters are a type of patio heater which is installed on the umbrella pole and folds when the umbrella is folded. This can be a very practical type of electric patio heater.

Table top patio heaters can be found which use electricity or gas. These small heaters are designed to sit in the center of a patio table which does not have a patio umbrella installed when the heater is in use. They are very portable and lightweight and can be an efficient heat source for small areas.

No matter what type of patio heater you select for your outdoor space, you’ll soon learn it adds to your patio enjoyment. You’ll be able to sit or cook outdoors in comfort much more of the year making your investment in the patio really pay off.

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