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Following drought solutions

Following drought solutions

Following drought solutions will provide you with the ability to enjoy your current and future landscaping:

• Hauling Water to our Customers!
Allin Landscaping is hauling water to it’s customer’s homes to water their plants, fill their waterfalls and ponds and add water to their cisterns and rain barrels. This is one of our initial responses to the continuing drought restrictions of water: We went looking for privately owned water that is not affected by the drought that would not negatively affect others. And we found it! It is a beautiful 10-12 acre privately owned pond that is almost full! The home owner has graciously offered his precious water from this beautiful pond to our customers! Yard signs are placed in the yards of our customers when watering operations are being performed stating that the water is provided by Allin Landscaping from a privately owned lake. So our customer’s are enjoying new pondless waterfalls, ponds and beautiful landscaping Now during the historic drought!
Call Allin Landscaping today to get going on developing a landscape, pondless waterfall or a natural pond that you can enjoy Now!

• Cisterns – A cistern provides a long-term solution as well as a short-term solution to water demands. Basically, a cistern is a buried storage tank for water that is filled with rainwater from roof downspouts and other types of rain collection methods. Then the stored water is pumped where needed to water plants and fill waterfeatures. Allin Landscaping can fill their customer’s cisterns to satisfy their water needs! The historic drought of 2016 in the metro-Atlanta area will place Cisterns at the forefront of reducing the dependency upon regulated, limited water in the future! Call Allin Landscaping today to discover how you can have non-restricted water available at your home!

• Rain Barrels – Water can be captured from roof downspouts and used to water plants.

• Water Crystals – Incorporating water crystals into the planting mix of plants helps to retain moisture in the root zone and is released to the thirsty roots when rain or irrigation is not available.

• Drought Resistant Plants – There are many prolific plants that perform well in dry environments! Call Allin Landscaping today to begin a drought resistant landscape!

• Plant in Fall – Trees planted in the Fall require 2/3 of the water they need when planted in the Spring!

• Shredded Mulch Instead of Nuggets – Shredded mulch retains moisture in the root zone area better than nuggets.


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