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How lawn mower safety works

How lawn mower safety works

Sometimes lawn mower safety is forgotten. Therefore, important damages or injuries can happen. These powerful machines are able to amputate hands, feet, and objects could fall into the mower. All this, being dangerous because these objects can be thrown and hit sideways, driveways or other hard surfaces and can ricochet upwards. By following correct instructions for lawn mower safety provided by the manufacturer, jobs can be done safely and the operator and people near him will be safe.

lawn mower safety and general protection

Operators must know lawn mower safety instructions provided from manufacturers for the specific machines. Read and recognize all safety labels on your machine. Another aspect of lawn mower safety is to review the operator’s manual and familiarize yourself with all of the controls before operating any outdoor equipment. Owners must only allow people who understand these instructions to operate these machines. The work area must be clear of objects such as rocks, toys, wire, etc., which could be picked up and thrown by the blades. Be sure the area is clear of other people before mowing. Be aware of the mower discharge direction and do not point it at anyone; we are not playing hockey, we are using a dangerous machine. Do not operate the mower without either the entire grass bagger on or the mower guard in place.Stop the machine if anyone enters the area. Most of the accidents occur when the machine is turning, therefore slow down before turning.

Suddenly the machine could be unattended due to the fact that something could have happened. So, never leave it alone with the engine running; always turn off the blades, set the parking brake, stop the engine and remove the key before dismounting.It is important to mow only in daylight or on the other hand, with good artificial light. Just a little thing you should keep in mind about lawn mower safety; remember, a mower is not a toy.

lawn mower safety and operator protection

The first rule for the operator to get ready in lawn mower safety is to read the operator’s manual thoroughly, in order to get needed knowledge before starting to use any mower. People operating the machine must be of sound mind and body and must not be under the influence of any alcoholic substances, including medicaments which produce somnolence or affect your ability to operate. Operators must have correct vision, not an impaired vision problem as well as enough dexterity to manage the machine, or not having correct judgment. The mower is designed to be operated by one person. Just a little thing you should keep in mind about lawn mower safety; never let another person ride with you on the unit or on any accessories. High level safety means you must wear clothing that will cover the arms and legs. Safety shoes with steel plates will protect feet from blades and can avoid injuries produced by these parts. Safety glasses will protect the eyes from objects discharged by the mower. An injury can happen if the operator puts his or her hand in the path of the blades when objects are plugged in the blades. So, remember to stop the engine to perform the job properly.

Your lawn mower and children safety

The first rule for children is to never allow them to operate a lawn mower; whether it be a riding or walk-behind lawn mower. A lawn mower is not a toy, and cutting grass is not a child’s play. Once the importance of lawn mower safety has been acquired, we must be totally strict with this safety, and even increase it for children. In the case of teenagers, be sure that they are tall and weigh enough to manage the mower. Keep children out of the mowing area and in the watchful care of another responsible adult. Before and when backing, look behind and down for small children. Children are often attracted by movement, and more attracted if that movement has clear colours such as lawn mower colours. Use extra care when mowing near blind corners, shrubs, trees, or other objects where children are able to hide. We all know that children like to play at all times. Therefore, think about your kids and your neighbors’ and have in mind lawn mower safetyall the time.


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