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Ornamental Grasses Garden Nursery Landscaping Guide

Ornamental Grasses Garden Nursery Landscaping Guide

Ornamental Grasses Grown In Containers

Ornamental grasses are usually only associated with ground gardens. However, they can be the perfect complimentary addition for a container garden. Grasses come in many heights, colors, textures and have varying water requirements, and this makes them perfect for a container garden.

Terraces, balconies, and entry ways can be enhanced by using ornamental grasses in the container gardens. These plants are so easy to master that the big decision will not be whether or not to use these decorative plants but which one to choose to accent the garden.

One of the main reasons to use ornamental grasses in containers is because of the low maintenance associated with these gentle plants. Most varieties of these ornamental plants do well in any pot of considerable size.

These plants are not difficult about the soil they thrive in either. Usually a rich potting mix with good drainage will be perfect for ornamental grasses. These hardy plants also can stand conditions drier than most container plants, so the maintenance is minimal. However, these plants still need to be fed twice monthly to ensure hardy and beautiful plants.

Red Fountain Grass

Ornamental grasses come is so many varieties a person will have a difficult time choosing just which plant will be used in the container. One type that is perfect for container gardening is Red Fountain Grass.

Fountain grasses will fill the container with an arching look and the deep burgundy color of this type of ornamental grasses will accent any dark green foliage that is used in the pot also.

Japanese Silver Grass

Another grass that is very popular is Japanese Silver Grass. This grass is one of the most popularly grown, and it does just as well in a container as it does in the yard or ground garden. This grass offers a softening effect and the white on the leaf will brighten up any space.

Ornamental grasses are perfect for container gardens. Low maintenance ensures that even the most green thumb challenged individuals can rarely kill these plants. The varieties that are available are too numerous to count, and the color that they offer will enhance any garden.

Movement And Sound

Ornamental grasses add two elements to the garden experience that are not readily obtained from many other plants: movement and sound. These grasses will look well against a dark background, and if they are properly placed they will be sure to catch either morning or evening light.

This beauty will only be enhanced by other plants that are included in the container.


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